Inspired by Fabric....

February 04, 2010

Me and the camera - not a good partnership! I want to just point it and get the photo to come out as I see it...took me forever last night to get a few half decent photos of my latest took so long - I was listing my goods at 2am! grrr and double grrr, bugger, bum and all that.

Third day at school for my daughter 'all I want to do is dance' Billy-Jo, all went well (she is 16 after all!) and very happy to be in year 12 at the right end of the food chain! She has absolutely accounted for every minute of every day and more!

Back to Kinder for my grandson Zack and first time for his little brother Leigh - can' help doing the proud grammy thing - check out the photos on my daughter Jem's wonderful blog - too cute!

Well I am off to make a drawstring bag for Evie's beads - the beads tell the story of her journey with Leukaemia - little Miss Evie is definately a girlie girl, so lots of pretty is the order of the day...another coffee and I am off!

I am lucky! lucky, lucky, lucky...I love my girls, I love my grandbabies.

robyn lee xo

February 01, 2010

Hello Monday!

School holidays nearly over - back to knowing what day of the week it is!

2010 will be the last year of school for me as a mum - my youngest daugter Billy-Jo is starting year 12 tomorrow...a bit sad really - it will probably hit me full on at the end of the year.

I am putting more covers in my store today...can't wait.'s my birthday next week (which I share with Zack, my eldest grandson) and my Dad is buying me a beautiful 'Narelle' bracelet - I am very excited.

Now I have 10 minutes to get ready and get out of the house - I do this all the time - back later today..

robyn lee xo