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November 29, 2010

Christmas Shopping on 'MADEIT'

Who doesn't love a beautiful piece of Jewellry....I found these gorgeous pieces on 'madeit' - Each one is unique and handcrafted - perfect for that special someone!

I bought a piece - my first spot of christmas shopping on 'MADEIT'...I can't say what I purchased just in case that 'special someone' reads my post! I can say it is perfect and beautifully Australian made.

Enjoy some christmas shopping on 'MADEIT' australian handmade with your christmas list and a cuppa!

Robyn Lee x


Somthing for Everyone
Beautifully Australian Made

~ Stunning Pieces ~
for that 'special someone'
Freeform Australian Agate Pendant

'floating away'
stirling hook earrings
Nina Baker

Crystal Net Necklace
Living Crystals

delicate silver dragonfly wing necklace
bird of play

Surfs Up
Funk for the Boyz

tormalinated quartz ring

November 22, 2010


Something for Everyone
Beautifully Australian Made

~ Celebrate in Style ~
Fabric Christmas Card Pack
HERE WE GO loopy lou

Clay 'Bauble' Ormaments
Set of 3
In My Pencil Case

Ms Paisly Leather Journal
Bound by Bella

Steampunk Cufflinks
Red Zebra Design

Spice Soap
Ady's Lovely Soap & Stuff

Mens Bright Stars PJ Shorts
Little Badger

ZENTANGLE...just what is it?

My online browsing led me to this incredible form of what I can only describe as Creation with a purpose or should I say with numerous purposes!
The lovely and talented Kass Hall; artist and founder of  ~ made 'n' found ~ (supporting handmade art and craft in Australia) , recently returned from the U.S. where she became a certified "Zentangle" teacher - one of only 3 in Australia.
Kass will be holding classes to teach the art of Zentangle and  although based in Melbourne, Kass is available to teach classes anywhere in Australia and New find out more pop over to her blog ...well worth the effort -  there are no prerequisites to learning this art and the benefits are many and varied! Kass does warn that Zentangle is very addictive!

November 15, 2010


Check out these gorgeous ladies...even if I do say so myself! Still waiting to be fully dressed up are my 'Owls with Attitude' ....they will be appearing in my store SOON!

These ladies are wearing 'Voodoo Rabbit' originals...I don't know how happy they are about being seen in public not quite ready...but I couldn't wait to show them off!

Owls with Attitude!


Something For Everyone
Beautifully Australian Made

~ Gorgeous Gifts ~
'Space Invaders'
Reversable Baby Booties
funky monsters

Sorrento Swirl Earrings
Mornington Sea Glass

laser-cut Jewellry Tree
bird of play

Honey Mint Lip Balm
Honeycomb Valley Farm

Red Rose Messanger Bag
SASSY mode

Wooden Disc Memory Game
the monk and me

November 10, 2010


I have joined in on 'wordless Wednesday' on 'Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love'. To view some absolutely stunning photography and browse a wonderful blog... click on the title...well worth a peek!
Thanks to Melinda at Here We Go Loopy Lou  for the intro...also a must visit blog!
This is my first contribution - My eldest grandson Zack and his little sister beautiful is this photo captured by my daughter Jema.

I Love You

November 08, 2010

TECHNOLOGY....I think Albert was right!

Mr. Albert Einstien said "technology is like an axe in the hands of a madman"...well I experienced that last night...just as I was about to post my Christmas Time at 'Madeit' feature the internet just vanished...nothing, zilch!!! I found out at 7.30am this morning (perth time) that there was an outage in good old Western Australia...I was devestated as I had sent the lovely talented creators who I featured an email telling them that I was featuring them on my blog I do apologise to you all and hopefully all is now rectified!

These beautifull items are well worth a second look - so do pop into their stores and perhaps do some christmas shopping!!!

Happy Shoping from a slightly frazzled Robyn Lee x


Something For Everybody
Beautifully Australian Made

~ Deck the Halls and Hang the Stockings ~

Christmas Bon Bon Kit
write to me

Cotton/Jute Boho Tote
Hart and Soul

'Evie' tea cosy

'Lessons' Eco Friendly Journal

'Rose' Earrings
green tree

Vintage Inspired
Birdie and Heart Singlet Set
Sammy Jo

November 01, 2010


Something for Everyone
Beautifully Australian Made

~ Presents with Presence ~


Designer Door Stop
i just love that fabric
'Thomas' Stirling Silver Cufflinks

Vintage Wallpaper Flying Ducks
Delilah devine

Natural Patchouli Soap
Bayside Rose