Inspired by Fabric....

June 26, 2010


Meet  Owl, Dinosaur and Bird Bird Bird - I have been busy drawing Dinosaur, testing out how Owl will look appliqued on to a cover and finding new friends for 'baby oh baby' range is getting there!!

June 25, 2010


I had a great day today - a whole day in my sewing room...and some shopping - check out my beautiful new fabrics...

June 20, 2010

WORK IN PROGRESS - Introductions and sneak preview...

My Rabbit, Bird and Aeroplane will be featured on my nursury cushion covers I am working on Caterpillar and Owl (will post soon).

Billy-Jo is 17 at midnight. Happy Birthday to my gorgeous girl, I love you.

It's winter and the sun is shining - I love the cosy feeling of the warm sun on a winters day. I havn't seen the bithday girl yet - a sign for me of your growing independence. I hope Your day so far has been fun. I have been thinking of you all day.

 Love Mummy xxxooo

June 17, 2010


Nothing for 4 months ~ twice in one day! I was so concerned about what to write that I ended up with a boring blog or more precisely an empty blog - so I made a pact with myself to post something, anything at least once a week and hopefully daily - even if it just a  favourite quote.

My Youngest daughter Billy-Jo, turns 17 on Sunday - quite the Gemini! Started her own blog a couple of weeks ago ~ ramblings of a dancerholic ~ have a read, I love it.

This is Billy-Jo entertaining comuters on her way home from dance class - oh to not care what people think!
 where does the time go?2010


I feel bad, neglecting my blog...  I have been busy, busy, busy with life in general taking lots of turns - things you don't  plan happen and  things you plan don't happen and you need to take care of all those unexpected events and there have been quite a few!

My eldest daughter Jema has joined 'madeit' selling gorgeous knitted pants for babies and toddlers  "Jembelina Knits" @ I just have  to show off a photo of Miss Evie wearing a pair. Miss Evie is my beautiful granddaughter, little sister to Zack and Leigh. She was only a few days old when this photo was taken - she will be 2 years old on December 25th.

Jema's story ~  a beautiful record of a totally unexpected event intermingled with everyday life, Evie was diagnosed with Leukeamia at the tender age of 10 months old and has been undergoing chemotherapy and all that goes with it ever since. I am so proud of my beautiful 'earth mother' and the way she has coped.