Inspired by Fabric....

January 26, 2010

I'm having a break from making covers - I love it; but I've been at it for the past three weeks with only a few days off - My covers are definately one of a kind with the acception of the first 6 I made. I may do matching or they may just match - but definately one of a kind.  some I like much better than others - but I like most of them - I just love putting different facrics together to tell a little story - I love cottons including natural and coloured calico - there are so many beautiful fabrics to choose from - limitless really! I'm going brave...decided a couple of days ago.

Actually the break is nearly over (a couple of hours), I just wanted to jot down some words. Back to my sewing space!

     ~ strawberry patch ~


robyn lee xo

January 23, 2010

January nearly gone...In the blink of an eye!

At least I know where it went - okay self lets just go over a few things

Joined 'madeit' as a seller - love it

In my workroom so early 'til so late making those cushion covers
(a few dramas there - all fixed now)

Organised  for week one of Uni - that is unitl my first lecture when you realise you are not organised at all!

Oh - started my blog  - really self, you didn't even know what a mouse was not that long ago - yes I did; aren't they little grey things with four legs and a tail? Oh oh talking to myself  and worse still myself is answering...


A big thankyou to Narelle, talented maker of precious objects for loving my covers and being the first to comment on my blog...that was quite exciting for me.


Always on my mind
Grammy loves you Evie - can you whisper that in her ear for me my darling Jem.
Evie turned '1 year old' on Christmas day and is living with Leukaemia - diagnosed in October last year. A brave, precious little angel - so beautiful and such a hoot! My beautiful daughter Jema is her mum - Jem has started her own blog just recently - a wonderful diary written by a true earth mother.

2010 a year of change and surprise for me...sweet dreams and happy days.

robyn lee xo

January 07, 2010


Just finished washing, pressing and cutting out 15 metres of calico! Now I can get to the fun part - putting together some cushion covers. My work room is so messy - I love it, beautiful fabric everywhere. I need sleep - burning the midnight oils catches up eventually - I'm exhausted.
robyn lee xo