Inspired by Fabric....

November 22, 2010


Something for Everyone
Beautifully Australian Made

~ Celebrate in Style ~
Fabric Christmas Card Pack
HERE WE GO loopy lou

Clay 'Bauble' Ormaments
Set of 3
In My Pencil Case

Ms Paisly Leather Journal
Bound by Bella

Steampunk Cufflinks
Red Zebra Design

Spice Soap
Ady's Lovely Soap & Stuff

Mens Bright Stars PJ Shorts
Little Badger


  1. Such lovely finds, thank you for including my Christmas Cards. Off to look at the others now!

  2. Ooh some lovelies here today, love the baulble, im off to take a closer look, thank you for sharing.

    Have a happy monday


  3. I've been having a lovely spending spree on Made It for Christmas gifts, now I'll just have to have a closer look at those cuff links for hubby.

    Lovely finds.

    Thanks again for all your sweet comments.

    The cozy is coming along nicely, if all goes well with it, I think I'll do some more. So glad you liked it, it's nice to get feedback the good and the ugly.


  4. Hi Robyn, thanks for posting my clay ornament on your blog, sorry for the delay been a bit busy with orders, which i guess isnt a bad thing. Time for some spending in other peoples shops and catch up on emails. Merry Christmas !!!!!


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