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November 08, 2010

TECHNOLOGY....I think Albert was right!

Mr. Albert Einstien said "technology is like an axe in the hands of a madman"...well I experienced that last night...just as I was about to post my Christmas Time at 'Madeit' feature the internet just vanished...nothing, zilch!!! I found out at 7.30am this morning (perth time) that there was an outage in good old Western Australia...I was devestated as I had sent the lovely talented creators who I featured an email telling them that I was featuring them on my blog I do apologise to you all and hopefully all is now rectified!

These beautifull items are well worth a second look - so do pop into their stores and perhaps do some christmas shopping!!!

Happy Shoping from a slightly frazzled Robyn Lee x


  1. Hello Fellow Perthite!!! FOund you via Wordless wednesday :-)

  2. Oh and how coincidental I already follower your daughters blog! Small world hey :-)


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