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June 08, 2011


Winter Warmth… So nice to cosy up the littlies and don a scarf and gloves yourself…something I got quite used to doing when I lived at the foot of the Dandenong’s in Melbourne.
Even over here in W.A. the mornings are chilly and when the sun goes down so does the temperature; I have lived in the west for about 9 years now and even though the summers are long and lingering and the winters usually mild it does get brrr…cold enough to have some woollies hanging by the door.

Gorgeous Cosy Creations

Toddler Dino Beanie
c percy designs

Hand Crotcheted Wrist Warmers
Daisy Firefly

Wool Colourweb Scarf

'Boy Stripes' Hand Knitted Pants

Black Bow Fingerless Mittens
mel p designs

Baby Jester Hat
handmade by Olga Asonova

Aren't they just beautiful...!

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  1. Thanks Mumsy!! So many talented knitters out there!


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