Inspired by Fabric....

January 30, 2012


You might want to head over to 'Inspried Wish' and have a look at the great photo editing tutorial Jeanie has put up.
Oh and while you are there check out her stunning jewellry die for!

Here is a little sample:

How superb is this


  1. Shucks Robyn, I dropped by to see if you had a new post, and you did - about me. You sure know how to make a girl blush! I love wearing the necklace that you have included, both for its colour and design. Making the clasp was a lot of fun. In the end it had to go at the front as a feature =) I've been helping Christine review some alternatives to Piknic, drop by CHA ( to see the comparison photos and reviews.

    1. Wow you made that clasp! I love it and I love how it sits on the neck - so classy. I read that the lovely Christine has taken over the contemporary handmade alliance blog...I must pop over and say hi. I am back into my blog slowly and surely after neglecting it and it is now back on the madeit roll - so hopefully my posts will now get a bit more attention!
      Robyn Lee x

  2. Yes I designed and made the clasp =) It was born as part of my SV Design series - where a necklace can have parts added/removed to make it longer/shorter as needed. I wanted something pretty and easy to use. This sterling silver claps has stamping for added texture and is darkened with patina. I've thought about making some supplies to make available on Craftium, but not sure how I feel about that. Hmmmm???? Re Blog Love - I find the more attention you give to your own, the more others will visit. Best of luck x


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