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February 21, 2012

A little package from 'madeit'.

I love getting parcels...and how excited was I when I found this package in my letterbox today. My purchase from Red Punch Buggy had arrived! I tore haphazardly at the bubble wrap envelope and this is what I found inside....

A little package wrapped in brown paper with red and white twine tied into a gorgeous little bow with the cutest tag, also tucked inside was a pretty white card with a lovely personal handwritten note and a really cool business much as I was excited to get inside the brown parcel, I just stood there for a while admiring the packaging - I loved it; and this I thought was so deserving of a photo... so thank you to the very talented Vicki Weetman for making my day!

Oh and if you think the packaging is awesome...wait 'til you see what was inside!

How simply gorgeous is this packaging!

...and in the package -  this sweet and unique little dish
It will be home to my toe rings; oh and they love it too!
For the finer details on how this was made and to have a peek at some more uniqueness...
 do visit Vicki's 'madeit' shop:
Red Punch Buggy

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  1. Wow Robyn, I must say I'm speechless!!!! This is such a lovely blog post and really has made my day?week/month... I'm glad you love your new 'toe ring dish' lol they look very sweet in there. Well I'm off to blab about this ;) Again thanks so much xx Vicki


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